Watch: Stormy Daniels’ Slips While Trying to Walk Into Courthouse

For some reason, Stormy Daniels hasn’t gone away yet.

It’s pretty clear at this point that she just loves the attention she’s getting and she’s planning on cashing in however she can.

On Monday, Stormy showed up at federal court and it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Check it out…

From New York Post:

There was no calm before the Stormy.

Porn star Stormy Daniels tripped and nearly fell in a pair of towering black strappy stilettos as she was swarmed by dozens of photographers outside Manhattan federal court Monday.

Daniels made a flashy appearance for a hearing over the client list of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Dressed in a pastel pink knee-length skirt and suit jacket, Daniels was whisked from a car into the courthouse on Pearl Street through a sea of photographers, who knocked over a metal barricade in the chaotic crush.

Check out the video of the entrance.


Make no mistake. There is no news here. Everyone knows it’s possible Trump had an affair with her. That’s not news and every single Trump voter knew that he didn’t have a polished past. Democrats. Republicans. We all knew. This is simply an effort by the media to embarrass Trump and humiliate Melania. Nothing more.

Don’t by into this campaign finance violation we are hearing from the media. It’s unlikely to happen. And even if by some wild stretch of the imagination they are able to prove Trump violated the law. It’s not even remotely as big of a deal as the media is making it seem.

From National Review:

Compared with other possible campaign-finance infractions that have been settled without criminal charges, this one — if it is one — is a trifle. And while the underlying behavior is debauched, it happened a decade before Trump was elected. While extramarital, the tryst was consensual by Clifford’s account. (The White House half-heartedly denies it happened.) As for Trump’s fitness for the presidency, the scandal tells us exactly nothing that we didn’t already know about the flawed man that Americans chose to elect.

The government needs to prove that Trump made this payment due to the campaign and not for any other reason which will be tough to do. Trump could have made the payment to help is marriage or in an attempt not to hurt his business. That’s assuming he knew about the payment which isn’t a fact at this point.

Also, say Trump did violate a campaign finance law. Is that really enough for Democrats to impeach him? First of all, they need control of Congress which they don’t have so we are way ahead of ourselves.

We’ve come a long way from Russian collusion, haven’t we?

A year ago the left was sure they were going to impeach Trump for that. Then, that argument fell apart and now we are hearing that Stormy Daniels will do him in.

It’s a joke.

Democrats don’t seem to understand that running on a platform of hating Trump isn’t enough. They need ideas and that simply isn’t happening.

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