Longtime Clinton Ally: Comey Is ‘Lying’, A ‘Renegade Narcissist’

If you know the name Lanny Davis you know that he’s no friend of conservatives. He’s part of Bill and Hillary’s inner circle and he’s been running interference campaigns for them in the media for decades.

However, Lanny went on television over the weekend and essentially validated Trump’s decision to fire Comey for being incompetent.

From The Daily Caller:

Longtime Clinton insider Lanny Davis is accusing former FBI Director James Comey of being a “liar” and “renegade narcissist.”

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” on Sunday, Davis pointed to Comey’s interactions with Congress in September 2016 and his decision the next month to reopen an investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Davis says that Comey is lying when he says that he was “obligated” to write a letter on Oct. 28, 2016, re-opening the email probe because of promises he had made to Congress. Davis claims that Comey merely told congressional leaders that he would “look at” any new evidence that emerged regarding Clinton emails.

“Mr. Comey is lying when he said he was, quote, ‘obligated’ to write that letter because he promised Congress. He now knows that that’s a false statement; a knowing false statement is a lie,” Davis said on “Fox & Friends.”

That’s interesting because Democrats in Washington have been telling us for the last few days that questioning the integrity of Comey, Mueller, or any member of the intelligence community will send you to hell.

From Washington Free Beacon:

People who have been besmirching James Comey and Robert Muellers’ reputations “will rot in hell,” according to Rep. Jim Himes (D., Conn.).

Comey, who has a new book out blasting Trump, and Mueller, who is Special Counsel for the Russia investigation, have fallen under sharp criticism from President Donald Trump and his allies.

Himes called Comey a “legend” at the Justice Department and within the FBI, saying on CNN anyone who doesn’t work at the White House knows Comey is an “honest and good man.”


Comey has managed to divide Democrats into two different factions. You have the crowd that thinks Comey is amazing and Trump should never have fired him and you have the crowd that hates Comey for screwing over Hillary.

The RNC released a great ad showing how all over the place Democrats are with Comey.

From The Hill:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) on Thursday kicked off its ad campaign against former FBI Director James Comey ahead of the release of his new book, releasing a mock cover of the memoir attacking the former FBI chief’s “ego.”

In a mock reviews section for the book, which is set to be released next week, the RNC lists “Widespread accord for James Comey’s ego” that highlights comments portraying the former top law enforcement official as a political player.

We can’t forget this gem either.

Comey has no credibility.

Most rational people understand that.  The guy should never have been appointed to that position and more and more Democrats are starting to admit it like Lanny.

Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz agrees with Lanny.

From Fox News:

Dershowitz said he once respected the longtime law enforcement official but now holds only “very strong negative feelings” about him.

He said the new book appears “revenge-driven” from a man still upset that President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Dershowitz, who supported Clinton, said Comey openly speculated about a report in an unverified, partially Russian-sourced dossier that Trump engaged in sex acts with Moscow prostitutes.

He said that, as FBI director, Comey would “know the truth” about such a sensitive issue, adding that the report is still “nonsense and rubbish” without merit.

Dershowitz called the book a “gossipy revenge, make-money-quick” scheme by Comey with the added goal of hurting political opponents.

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