Democrats Reveal The REAL Reason for ‘March for Our Lives,’ and It’s Bad

The ‘kids’ held the “March for Our Lives” in Washington, D.C. and several cities around the U.S. on Saturday. But, of course, it was organized by groups like Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March and other anti-gun leftist organizations. They feigned that it wasn’t political, saying it was about ‘stopping gun violence’ and it was bipartisan. But in case there was any doubt where the real priorities were, this story should dispel it. It was basically one huge DNC voter registration drive.

Fox attended one in Parkland where there were some of the actual people who went through the horrible tragedy in attendance.

But as the various rallies showed, many had no idea what laws were already in existence and no idea about guns or the Second Amendment.

As the teen in the video shows, she has no idea what she’s saying.

She thinks assault rifles are legal (hint: they’re not), she thinks AR-15s are weapons of war (hint: they’re not, they fire one bullet per trigger pull and are a modern sporting rifle that have never been used in the military). And she’s operating under the myth pushed by the media that mass shooters use AR-15s. Yet most mass shootings are actually done with handguns. And yes, people with mental health issues are already not supposed to get guns. But instead of making new laws that say the same thing, police, schools and mental health people need to actually enforce the laws that are already in effect.

Here’s David Hogg:

What then has he been doing the last five weeks besides attacking half the country and the NRA, cursing them out and hanging up on the President?

But now, let’s get to the real purpose of the March, as enunciated by Parkland student Emma Gonzalez, “Get out there and vote. Get out there and get registered.”

What is this? One great big DNC voter registration rally. This is why Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been behind these kids since the day after the shooting.

Almost every block in D.C. reportedly had a voter registration table.

In case it wasn’t clear who they were targeting:


Even bots got in on the action:

And this is really what it’s all about, using the kids to help them win the midterms and gear up for 2020 and take back the White House.

But it may just have a boomerang effect because they have so clearly tipped their hands against the Second Amendment. And not too many are hiding it anymore.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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