HORROR: CNN Interviews Student Hiding in Classroom During Great Mills HS Shooting, Asks Him to Stay on Line Even as Police Order Him Out

The vultures in the media strike again. This time they put a kid in possible danger as they interviewed a student who was hiding in a classroom during the school shooting incident at Great Mills High School in Maryland.

As the shooting was still playing out on March 20, CNN interviewed Jonathan Freese, a student at Great Mills High School.

But as the news desk team spoke to the student, police arrived and began trying to evacuate the kids from the school. And what did CNN do? They asked this poor, frightened kid to stay on the line even as police tried to usher the kids to safety.

One upset Twitter user slammed CNN for its idiocy saying, “You people are just sick!! As a parent and an educator I am just appalled! This is wrong hope you get sued for this. Children involved in a tragedy do not need to be paraded around… so you can have a FN story! This is brainwashing.”

Without directly scolding CNN, Washington Post reporter David Nakamura noted how off beat this report really was.

“CNN doing live interview with student on lockdown at the Maryland high school where school shooting was reported. He says he has to go b/c police are at the door. CNN asks if he can stay on phone even as he leaves. Strange new reality in real time reporting w/technology,” Nakamura tweeted just after the incident.

Nakamura then added, “Student said he didn’t hear gunshots but then CNN asks him how many people were injured and he said he “heard 7″ then adds he first heard it was one. Interesting implications of this kind of reporting.”

You bet this is a bad way to report ongoing news. Why would CNN think that some random kid would know how many people where injured as the shooting was still unfolding? How would any single person in the middle of an incident have actual facts like that on hand? These kinds of facts cannot be ascertained while things are still unfolding.

Many agreed with Nakamura’s hinted contention that CNN’s report was a bad idea.

The real fact is, this kid did not witness the shooting. He just heard rumors about what was going on. In fact, the kid said he never even heard any gunshots. This is not a report. This is just some kid with wild conjecture. Yet, CNN was treating this as a serious report.

Indeed, the student even told CNN that he learned what he “knew” about the incident from posts on social media that the kids in his class were seeing on their cell phones as they sat in class isolated from what was actually happening.

This is really a new low for CNN.

H/T Gateway Pundit.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]

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