New Info Pokes Hole In Left’s Narrative About Parkland Shooting, Even More Warning Signs Emerge

In the wake of the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the gun control crowd was desperate to try to hook the shooter in some way to the NRA. Shooters are never connected to the NRA, but this time they thought they’d find a connection that for which they could blame the NRA. Because the school JROTC received a grant from the NRA and the shooter was a member of the JROTC, they tried to argue that he was “trained by the NRA” despite the fact that there was no specific evidence that the grant involved shooting training or that the shooter had in fact been trained by anyone from the NRA.

On Friday, the Sun Sentinel reported that even more warning signs about the shooter that were missed, including some that punched a bigger hole in the left’s NRA argument.

From Twitchy:

About that JROTC thing? Rafael Olmeda reports that “staff were so worried about his fascination with guns that they banned him from practicing shooting skills with the JROTC” 18 months before the mass shooting.

What else? “A safety plan created by the school for Cruz in September 2016 also prohibited him from carrying a backpack on campus.”

Guess that kills the “trained by the NRA” idea.

But the warnings were plentiful and went back years.

Mental health counselors were sent to his home multiple times and it was recommended that he be committed from 2013.

A psychiatric memo dated 2014 from the alternative Cross Creek School that Cruz attended in eighth grade describes him as “moody, impulsive, angry, attention seeking, annoys others on purpose and threatens to hurt others.…”

But the bulk of the documents focus on a one-week period in September 2016, when the Sheriff’s Office, DCF and mental health officials were investigating claims that Cruz posed, at least, a threat to himself.

Despite the repeated visits, neither the Broward Sheriff’s Office nor Henderson Behavioral Health, a mental health clinic in Davie that treated him for two years, ordered Cruz hospitalized for observation under the state’s Baker Act, which allows intervention when a person is deemed to be a danger to himself or others.

A Henderson social worker arrived at the Cruz home Sept. 23, the day before he turned 18, after his mother, Lynda, told school officials he “was punching holes in the wall and verbally aggressive,” according to one report.

And then there’s this report:

“[T]he resource officer at Stoneman Douglas and two school counselors relayed an allegation that Cruz drank gasoline in a suicide attempt, cut himself and ‘that he had a gun at home and was thinking of using it.’”

Not to mention the mental health counselor who went to the home because a guidance counselor saw that Cruz wrote “kill” in his notebook when he was angry with his mother.

How many signs do there have to be before someone actually did something?

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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