Baltimore Mayor Snaps Off at Laura Ingraham; Segment Turns Ugly After She’s Confronted For Using Kids To Push Gun Control

The Baltimore mayor, Catherine Pugh, is behind a highly inappropriate effort to send Baltimore public school kids to the liberal anti-gun march on March 24. She’s soliciting them trying to get at least 3000 kids for the march and arranging for buses to get them there. She’s also promised lunch and t-shirts.

These expenses presumably are on the taxpayer dime. And the mayor actually solicited kids, these were not necessarily kids who intended to go of their own accord. Which means the public schools allowed her to make a political pitch to the kids. All of this highly inappropriate.

But the mayor went on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ in order to try to justify her actions. Laura Ingraham wasn’t for giving her a pass.

From Biz Pac Review:

It’s no secret that Baltimore has been plagued with poverty and soaring crime, and Ingraham used the city’s plight to drill Pugh’s decision.

“You’re funding buses, in part, to go down to Washington, and yet you have a budget deficit–” Ingraham said.

“You need to get your facts straight, love,” Pugh shot back. “I don’t know whether you’re trying to become the communications director for the Trump administration–”

“I don’t know why you’re getting personal, mayor,” Ingraham interrupted.

The mayor’s “getting personal” to deflect from people seeing that she did something very wrong in using taxpayer dollars and manipulating public school students for a liberal political cause.

Pugh tries to justify it by saying that she’s only trying to ensure that they get there “safely.”

But first, she’s the one who was soliciting them, wrongly. And it isn’t the school’s role or the city’s role to ship students to a political protest. So that isn’t an excuse.

Meanwhile, Ingraham continued to drill Pugh on the decision to ship Baltimore kids to the rally that not-so-organically evolved after Parkland, and asked Pugh if she would provide “free buses” for pro-life students if they want to attend the annual March for Life rally next January.

Pugh got around that question by diverting the narrative to slam the NRA.

That set Ingraham off even more.

“We’re getting teachers laid off, personnel laid off, and you’re shuttling students down to a rally!” Ingraham exclaimed. “That does not seem to make sense!”

Because, of course, they would never provide the buses for the kids to get to the pro-life march for ‘safety.’ Great point by Ingraham.

The whole point here is simply to boost the numbers for the march to push more gun control.

Baltimore is the murder capital of the U.S. and the mayor is concentrated on this and attacking the NRA rather than actually trying to solve the problem.

But she’s just acting in keeping with other Democrats and liberal media who have been using the Parkland kids to help push their liberal anti-gun agenda.

And if this hadn’t been called out, media would have commented on the crowd talking about the ‘grassroots’ turnout.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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